Monday, August 27, 2012

Tired Baby

So I called the doctor last week to make an appointment and the nurse asked why I needed to see her...long pause from me 'well she is crying a lot and I don't know what else to do'.  Yeppers, I took Kenley to the doctor because she cry's.  You would think I am a first time mom [I am feeling like one because everything I learned with Collier doesn't apply when it comes to Kenley] and was embarrassed to have to go to the doctor because of all of the crying.  After talking it through the her she seems to think that she isn't getting enough sleep. great, now I really feel like crazy mom. She thinks that she is up to long and not able to cope in the evenings [hence all the crying] I was given strict orders to put her back down for her first nap after an hour to hour and half and then only two hours in between naps for the rest of the day.  Well, this is much easier said then done for a few reasons:

  1. She doesn't relax well to want to go to sleep which means that when we try and sooth her or lay her down at the 1 - 1.5 hour time frame she cries.
  2. When she cries, it is loud and even if you try and let her cry it out she gets louder and more and more worked up.  She doesn't tire out and get herself settled down.
  3. she is curious and nosy and any noise or talking she hears while trying to go to sleep will alert her and she pops her head up and looks for what is going on.  She is 5 months and doesn't want to miss a minute of action.

So, although our efforts have been good our success has not.  I can not make her sleep.  Even though I try everything...rocking, singing, swaying, feeding, shhhhing and lots of pasey in and out.  All of this is in addition to the fact that she is still getting up twice during the night to eat.  Maybe she is tired but she just doesn't know it, either way I am clueless.  I am supposed to report back to the doctor on Tuesday with an update so it will be interesting to hear what she suggests or thinks going forward.  I sort of think it may be more tummy issues than sleep issues but as notes before...CRAZY and CLUELESS and slightly sleep deprived.  

But here is the catch, when she is awake and not fussy and crying...she is the sweetest thing ever.  She loves when people talk to her and will smile so big that her mouth pops open.  she loves face to face time and is really such a sweet baby when she is happy!  She is also a mover, look out because she is basically crawling.  It is slow but she can get across the room for anything she sets her eyes on.  She doesn't like to be laid flat on her back which means that diaper changes are also a bit of a challenge.  Saturday in my failed effort to get her down for her early nap she was in her crib crying and I looked at the monitor and she had pulled herself on her knee's and was holding onto the side of the crib.  This was something new for her and I was shocked and then all of a sudden she pushed herself up to her feet. WHAT?  I ran in there and asked her what she was doing and all the tears rolled away and she grinned from ear to ear.  She thought it was funny, I was in shock.  Now that she knows she can get up that is what she tries to do if she is awake in her crib.  Oh my goodness she is so very busy and ready to be on the go and I am not quite as ready as she is.

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Candace Evans Mahanic said...

She is precious Shannon. I hope she is sleeping better and you are getting some much needed rest! I love reading your blog.