Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Collier's First Day

Today began our first day of 3Yr. Pre-K.  Collier will be going three days this year and we are very excited about his class and teachers.  He did great when I dropped him off, he was a little shy going in but was big and brave and perfectly fine once Mrs. Jennifer grabbed his hand for him to pick out his activity for the morning.  He did really good and had a fun day.  His teacher said that he did very good, so we are officially off to a good start!  He told me he ate all of his lunch and that he sat next to Efan (Ethan) during lunch, they read a book about a dinosaur and he colored a picture [but we left it in his cubby on accident].  Such a sweet little man.  

When we went to meet his teacher on Monday, he told us all morning that he didn't want to go to school.  once we got there he got comfortable and explored around to see what all was in the class.  He stopped at the kitchen area and played with all of the food and equipment.  He was very busy making his 'dinner' when i told him it was time to go.  he didnt want to go at all.  and since then that is all that he has talked about... 'you didnt let me finish my dinner at my teacher' and so i told him he would have lots of time to cook in the next several months!!

Here was our conversation this morning about the kitchen:
Me: You'll get to play in the kitchen at school today
CH: no no no, at my teacher
Me: well your teacher is the lady who teaches you, did you know you have two teachers Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Audry
CH: My kitchen is at my teacher
Me: well it is in your class room which is at your school
CH; Oh yeah
Me: You'll be able to make your dinner and eat it today
CH: you don't call me today, you need to go to work
Me: huh
CH: when you called me and William was there  [he is now referring back to Monday, his friend William was in the kitchen when I was telling Collier it was time to go and he didn't want to leave because he was in the middle of making himself dinner] and you didn't let me finish
Me: oh yeah, you'll be able to finish today, I'm going to work and I'll be back to pick you up later
CH: yeah you need to go to work.
Me: thank you buddy.

all of that to say that he did tell me that he got to play in the kitchen today and that the couldn't find the mit that goes with the kitchen.  Maybe he'll be able to find it on Friday.  I am just glad to for great first day.  

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deidre martin booker said...

that conversation is cracking me up. "thank you buddy" haha..i'm glad they had a great day!!