Friday, August 10, 2012

Kenley's Doing's

She likes her little Sophie.  The trick is going to be keeping it away from Brinkley...every time it squeaks Brink comes running.

Its official: She is out of our room and into her bed!  Thanks to our new monitor, I can still watch both of them in their own beds.  Bad news is that Kenley is still not getting all the way through the night, good news is that we are down to getting up once and not twice!  Praise the Lord for the little things :)
She starts out on her side and isn't long long before she is on her tummy, butt in the air and normally face down in her blankie.  She sleeps good like that and so we let her be!

Besides rolling all around and moving like crazy, she has been pushing up to her knees and rocking on all fours.  This is a little early for me, I can't seem to slow this booger down.  I can't remember if I have shared this or not; but I used to leave Collier on his changing table at 6 months with no worries of him rolling or going anywhere.  Kenley can't be left anywhere unattended except maybe the floor.   She loves tummy time which may be why she is getting to her knee's so much quicker.  Collier screamed the minute I tried to put him on his tummy.  

If passey isn't in her mouth her fingers are.  She is generally a sweet natured and happy baby, but she does still have her moments of crying really hard which is normally connected to tummy issues.  It is usually after I've had onions or a caffeinated drink that she is the worst.  I am doing all that I can to cut back or eliminate both.  I have a coke or dr. pepper about once a week, so its not like I am downing soda's excessively every day.  But even one seems to have a bad effect on her.   Doing what I can to make it easier on her.

This past week my Mom got a long over due vacation!  A week without any kids or responsibility.  Justin's Dad and Step Mom came up for the week to keep the kids and my Mom bolted to the lake.  It was fun for Collier to have his Papoo to give him so much attention and allow Nunny to care for Kenley.  Collier loves any time with any of his grandfathers[he loves his grandmother's too]....he just craves and loves 'man time'. Thank you Papoo and Nunny for coming to visit....they had a blast!  We love yall.

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